All About Roof Paint

An Experienced and Reputable Roofing Company Shares Useful Facts About Roof Paint

Types of Roof Paint

Roof paint is typically used on flat roofs. Property owners, sometimes, apply roof paint also on clay tile, wooden shingles, as well as some other types of roofing. Most of the roof paints are specialty exterior acrylic or latex based paints. For metal roofs, especially tin, however, oil based roof paints are occasionally used.

Roof paint can be found in colors such as white, red, grey, brown, green and black. Some brands also can be tinted for a completely customized look. Some of them require primer, while others need simply one coat for best results.

Preparation for Painting

  • Roof painterFirst, property owners should make sure that painting their roof doesn’t void any product warranties.
  • When the roof is being painted, the outdoor temperature should not be too cold or too hot, and the weather should be dry. Otherwise, the roof paint may not dry properly or it can run.
  • Any debris should be removed from the roof. Any rust and dirt will need to be cleaned, and any damage fixed. For best results, it is advisable to have your roof power washed as well.

A professional roofing company, such as Advanced Roofing, of Benton, AR, can help you choose the best roof coating, as well as paint, for your particular roofing material, as well as area.